Robotic arm with 6 DOF

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Robotic arm with 6 DOF

Postby tomasrey88 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:38 pm

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This is the low-cost prototype of a robotic arm with 6 DOF, 3D printers manufactured and designed using free software (OpenScad, Inksape..).

  • You only have to print all parts and mount it with the instructions. Download the assembly instructions file and start it to mount.
  • if you want see how work , click here!
  • The file "robot arm printable.rar" contains all the files of OpenScad and .stl, ready to print.
  • The other file "robotic arm_freeCAD.rar" contains the robotic arm already mounted in FreeCAD
  • All the information that you need to control the robotic arm is in the file "Guide,PCB_and_control_programs.rar". It's contains the guide about all the caracteristics of the robotic arm and the process that you have to follow to calibrate it with the control's programs. All the information is in spanish, there isn't an english version.
  • The hardware that use is Arduino UNO, to read the position of the servos, you need make a PCB ( if only want move it, you don't need create the PCB) because have the signals multiplexed. The planes are in the same file of the control's programs. To open the planes, you need have OrCAD Layout to the PCB and OrCAD Capture CIS for the schematic of conection.
  • Another partner ( was created a simulator to control the robotic arm , with three modes of funcionality, one mode of control is with a gamepad. I still haven't got the programs but I will upload this in the future when he pass me all the files to upload it. You can see the simulator in the pictures. If you want the simulator's files, you can wait my upload or send a message to CarlosRZambrana to get it, or ask him all doubt that you have about the simulator).
  • you can download the gripper from:

Final Finished Design


This is an original design.

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