Tool Stopping 40mm Fan Guard for Replicator® 2

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Tool Stopping 40mm Fan Guard for Replicator® 2

Postby tomasrey88 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:14 am

Price: $0

  • As seems to be a common problem, I've nicked my fan with tools before. The stock fan guard also always seemed off to me. Always falling off during maintenance and not having anything holding the top in.
  • I've taken ideas from a few sources. I wanted a retaining pin for the top connector. I also wanted it to stop tools. While I was designing it I also noticed there was space all around the fan so I decided to extend a shell around the fan to make the fit even more snug.

  • Print
  • Remove screws
  • Remove old fan guard
  • Put new one in place
  • Put screws back in place

Final Finished Design

esheline aka Evan:

This is an original design.

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