Octave™ 3D Printer Filament Spool Holder for Replicator®

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Octave™ 3D Printer Filament Spool Holder for Replicator®

Postby tomasrey88 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:48 am

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgc4baz5kr58pon/140327013240.zip
Price: $0

Was looking for some lower cost plastic for my Replicator MakerBot. Turns Octave sells a bunch of colors on Amazon for reasonable prices. Unfortunately, after purchasing, I realized that the spool is of a different design than what you get from MakerBot. The spool is not only thicker, but has a much smaller hole. So what better solution than to make my own holder. So I cranked out a quick design based on the original MakerBot holder design, but one that fit the hole of the Octave spool.

  • This is still a version one design.
  • It may appear large, but the stl should be accurate to the size needed, as noted in the description the Octave spools are much wider.
  • I have it print so that it is stronger in the vertical direction that supports all the weight.
  • I also printed it with about 50% fill, again to make it as strong as possible.
  • Because it was so long, I had a bit of warping when it was done, which required that I needed to do some extra sanding to make the spool fit loosely enough to ensure it would spin without getting caught. I used a dremel tool to help speed up the sanding process. If you can do everything you can to avoid the warping when printing it, that should help in reducing the amount of sanding needed. Other than that, it should print fine.
  • Ideas for V2
  • - Would like to provide it with a bit more tolerance to avoid needed to sand anything afterwards.
  • - I've also noticed that the spool isn't held far enough away from the back of the MakerBot as to avoid potential rubbing. Need to adjust the design for that.

Work in Progress Design

chrispainter aka Chris: http://www.thingiverse.com/chrispainter/designs

This is an original design.

CC BY SA Replicator® is a trademark of MakerBot Industries, LLC which is neither affiliated with nor endorses this 3d print file.
Octave™ is a trademark of Octave Systems, Inc which is neither affiliated with nor endorses this 3d print file.

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