ABS 3d Printer Nanoparticle and Chemical Exhaust Air Filter

3d printer exhaust air filter

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Enclose your 3d printer and use this exhaust air filter along with a recirculating air filter to eliminate nanoparticles and chemical fumes. 95 to 99.5% of partilces up to 0.1 micron in size are filtered before air is exhausted into your 3d printing room. This is 3 times better than HEPA filtration. Chemical fumes such as phenols, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen cyanide, and styrene are also filtered out. The amount of chemicals filtered out depends on the amount of carbon filtration media you put into the unit and the strength of the fan you install on the unit. If you are using this for business purposes, you'll have to experiment a bit to have it pass inspection. If you are using it for personal purposes, know that the human nose is extremely sensitive. People who have the gene for hydrogen cyanide detection can smell it down to a concentration of 2 to 10 ppm. Suffice it to say, that if you can smell no evil, you are probably not experiencing evil. This has totally cleared my 3d printing room of nasty fumes. I invite you to try it out for yourself as the cost is very low since I've designed it to use surgical masks and aquarium activated carbon filtration media, which is very affordable. You should change the filtration media and surgical mask every month or 50 hours of printing, whichever comes first. I offer no warranty of any kind as this is an experimental device.

Print it out at 0.27 mm layer height z resolution. If you use a standard fan, just use 5 mm of carbon filtration media. If you use a stronger fan, you may use a bit more filtration media. The more filtration media you use, the lower the air flow, the higher the temperature inside the enclosure. Put a thermometer inside the enclosure to monitor the temperature. Optimum temperature should be 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Filtration media goes on the mesh and the surgical mask goes under the mesh of the top piece. Tape the mask to the top piece. Insert the top piece into the bottom piece. Tape the top and bottom pieces together. Screw the fan on to the outside of the enclosure. Screw the bottom piece on to the fan. Enjoy!

Bill of Materials

  1. Activated carbon granules
  2. 40 mm fan
  3. 12 volt power supply
  4. 0.1 micron filter surgical mask

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