3d Printed Handbag

3d printed handbag3d printed purse

Download: 3d Printed Handbag downloadable stl file
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This 3d printed handbag has an outside pocket for your smart phone. Put a bit of Velcro™ on the smartphone to secure it in the downloadable purse. The handle may be removed from the 3d printed handbag and replaced with a flexible shoulder strap. You may download the shoulder strap for handbag from here. The dress and the shoes in the picture above will be available before October 31, 2014.

To 3d print the stl file of the handbag with soluble support and ABS as one complete purse with no assembly required, print the following files;

  1. The handbag's support - nhandbag1pciii.stl
  2. The handbag - phandbag1pciii(1).stl
  3. The handle - branchhandle.stl
  4. The handle's support - negbranchhandle.stl
  5. Bolt that holds handle to handbag - handbagbolt.stl
  6. Nut that retains bolt that holds handle to handbag - handbagnut.stl

To 3d print the handbag with a single extruder 3D Printer with ABS, you do not need to choose the "support" setting on your 3D printer. Print the following stl files, remove the designed supports and glue the pieces together by putting acetone on both pieces and pressing them together. Allow 24 hours for the glue to set before using;

  1. bagphholder(1).stl - holds phone in 3d printed purse. You can secure phone either by using a bit of Velcro(TM) with the fuzzy loop side on the handbag so that the hard hooks won't damage your clothing if you use the purse without a phone. You may also secure your phone by gluing a bit of sponge to the handbag to wedge the phone securely against the purse.
  2. bodyii(1).stl - main body of the handbag.
  3. femalelatch.stl - female latch that secures handbag's lid. Print with the largest flat surface on the print surface.
  4. handbagbolt.stl - bolt that holds handle to handbag.
  5. handbagnut.stl - nut that retains bolt that holds handle to handbag.
  6. handlewtabs.stl - handbag's handle.
  7. hingecap.stl - keeps lid in place.
  8. holeforpeg.stl - retains handle to screw.
  9. lidii(2).stl - handbag's lid.
  10. malelatch.stl - male latch that secures handbag's lid. Print with prongs flat on print surface.
  11. topedgeii(1).stl - the top of the handbag that the lid secures to.

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Final Finished Design


Design based on Thingiverse 65650, Thingiverse 8796.

You are free to share, remix, and make commercial use of the downloadable stl file of 3d Printed Handbag under the following conditions;

Velcro™ is a trademark of Velcro Industries B.V. which is neither affiliated with nor endorses this 3d Printed Handbag.