Air Filter for ABS 3d Printers

3d printer air filter

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Use this to clean the air in your 3d printer room.

The grill is the bottom of the air filter. Screw the 40 mm fan to the grill. Tape the velcro to the top of the air filter. Use this velcro to attach the air filter to the inside top of the 3d printer enclosure. Attach the 40 mm fan to the 12 volt power supply. Fill about 10-12 mm of the air filter with activated carbon granules. Enjoy fresher air inside your 3d printing room!

This air filter cleans the air that circulates inside the 3d printer enclosure. I am also designing another air filter that filters the exhaust air leaving the 3d printer enclosure. I invite you to keep checking back as I will post it on here as soon as I'm finished testing the design of my new exhaust air filter. With the two air filters working together, the air in your 3d printing room should be as clean as a forest meadow.

Bill of Materials

  1. Activated carbon granules
  2. 40 mm fan
  3. 12 volt power supply
  4. Velcro

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Final Finished Design


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